I have always been passionate about wildlife and conservation and when not photographing people I can often be found out in the countryside and on nature reserves. Though we have of course lost species, we are lucky to still have such a diversity of birds, butterflies and insects in the British countryside. Many species are still under threat, but it is heartening to have met so many like minded people when out and about photographing the natural world.

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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Student feedback

Below are some comments from students who have recently completed introduction to wildlife photography courses. Their comments are beneath their image montages. Please click for larger versions.

"I've had a Canon 40D and a 100-400m lens for about a year now but it's fair to say I've used the camera mainly on automatic. I needed to familiarise myself with the equipment and Maurice's course enabled me to do that. Practice in the field using manual settings, aperture priority and various ISO settings was invaluable and Maurice was always on hand to give advice and answer any questions. The course also opened my eyes to the huge part the computer can play in digital photography and we had the opportunity to use photoshop to improve and manipulate our shots." Phil Hargreaves

"I joined the photography course as I was a complete beginner never having owned or handled an SLR camera before. After the first session I was able use my camera on manual settings changing the light settings, the aperture and the ISO number where appropriate. At the next session we put into practice what we had learnt previously with a shooting session outdoors.
During the rest of the course we looked at other aspects of digital photography. The explanations were clear and backed up by fact sheets. Maurice is a very knowledgeable and competent photographer and teacher. The course was thouroughly enjoyable and has filled me with enthusiasm for the subject." Claude Hargreaves

"I found the course very useful as it refreshed a lot of photographic knowledge gained in the good old days of film and self developing prints. It also linked it well to using a DSLR. I now virtually always use manual setting on my camera particularly as I managed to update to a D300s. Probably wouldn't have had the confidence to do that without your course.
The Photoshop was interesting. Never really used preferring Graphic Converter which seems to do a lot of the Photoshop things in a slightly different way. However, have bought Elements 8 and am now using that quite happily, extending the knowledge you gave every day."
Mike Williamson

"Maurice's course really opened my eyes to what I could do and I'm now friends with my camera - there's more to life than the automatic settings!" David Ware


Hi Maurice

Wth regards to the camera course I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who needs to gain confidence in operating a digital camera.

I acknowledge that it is an introduction to digital work but it certainly gives everyone confidence to 'have a go'. One of the important messages you put across is that you must experiment and push the buttons on the camera in order to find out about its features and capabilities. This, coupled with your technical - yet simple - explanations of operating the camera was excellent.

All in all a very worthwhile course and one that I enjoyed very much.

Best Wishes,

Keith Marshall

High Summer Butterflies




Above a beautiful female Brown Hairstreak from the Hampshire/Wiltshire borders perched on Rosebay Willowherb. I was fortunate to find such a pristine individual showing so well. The male Brown Hairstreak has very similar markings on the underside but lacks the vivid colour of the female. Below a striking male Adonis Blue from a chalky Berkshire hillside, a first for me this year. It is certainly true that once you have seen Adonis Blue, even the brightest Common Blue looks pale by comparison! The camera does struggle though to capture the true sky blue iridescence as the sun hits the wings.